Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyers Create New Website

Brooklyn personal injury lawyers create new website to attract Brooklyn clientele.

Brooklyn, New York July, 31st 2013 – has been created for Brooklyn attorneys Philip Lights, Kevin Gratt, and Joseph Russo. This website was created and designed by Kenneth Toby, President of Dona Catalina Marketing, LLC. The website will cover areas of practice, a page on Car Accident Injuries, and a blog. This blog will provide articles such as – How to Handle a Car Accident, How to Recover for Damages from a New York City Pothole…

Mr. Toby created this blog as a way to convey information to the average person. “Most people don’t have a clue as to what to do once they have been involved in a car accident” says Kenneth Toby President of Dona Catalina, LLC. “They don’t know what to do at an accident scene, or once they arrive home. We want to help them fill in the blanks in terms of where to get legal information, medical information and so on,” continues Mr. Toby. Car accident lawyers are very popular in Brooklyn, New York.

According to the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau, Brooklyn has a population of 5,532,645 people. The borough of Brooklyn has more churches per square mile than any other American city. “We see an area of potential growth in the Brooklyn market,” says Kenneth Toby. Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyers will focus on police brutality, wrongful death, auto accidents, motor cycle accidents, truck accidents, and slip and fall accidents.

The Brooklyn offices have two locations, one at 16 Court Street Suite 2504, Brooklyn, New York 11241 and 2021 Nostrand Ave. Brooklyn, New York 11210. These 2 offices are strategically located in two convenient locations of Downtown Brooklyn and Central Brooklyn.

“The two most coveted counties in New York City are Brooklyn and the Bronx,” says Kenneth Toby. “We wanted to provide quality service for Brooklynites by attorneys who were born and bred in Brooklyn”. All three attorneys have full time practices in their Brooklyn offices.

What makes Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyers different from the competition is customer service? These three attorneys answer their own phones so they are always available. The also provide their cell phones for their clients as well. By being available for their clients they foster a much better relationship between attorney and client. There is a trust and bond which is created by the two.

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